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Details for new members:

Go fish swim school”

 There is a blog entry that talks about my background in teaching k-6 elementary schools in DMV area and swimming. I currently coach high school swimming at Holton Arms for the Capitol Sea Devils and I teach private lessons for my own company “Go  Fish Swim School”. I am also on a Swim Team in DC called the water wizards and I compete competitively and am most passionate about teaching, community, and swimming.


For location and days I work—- here’s what I have. 

Please make note that order to teach, I need permits at all the pools and I pay for them in advance. That is why I ask for you guys to pay at the beginning of the month for the month—- when you pay, you pay for the weeks that you are coming —— if you miss it you can do a make up on Sunday between 12-5 at waterside gym during the month. 

schedule for current permits

On Sundays, I am at waterside gym

From 12-4:30 

Wednesday at TT —- from 3/5pm

Friday from 3/5pm TT

Schedule for home/private pools (your private pool)

Monday (1-6:30) Tuesday (1-6:30) Thursday(1-6:30)

Flexible depending on location:

Schedule for home pool (my home pool (in eckington) :

0-3 year old babies

Monday-Saturday (mornings-and early afternoons at your request. Am flexible


Before I accept a new student, I have to have at least one trial lesson with them. The trial is not always private-it is usually shared and is a way to see where I could place them in my classes. 

Trial Lesson: flat fee 50 dollars

Each new student must have a trial lesson before I accept you as a student and you accept me as your teacher. After I have a trial lesson, I can share my notes about your swimming and what I recommend for lessons in the future and what kinds of goals I think you can make for swimming. Trials are sometimes with other students and are 30 minutes. 

Please make note, you pay for 4 classes at THe BEGINNInG of the month- if you are only in town for 3 of those days, you make note in your payment “absent for dec 20 paying for 3 lessons” snap a photo and send in a text on the first of the month 

Payment and prices 

Prices for SOLO swim lessons are weekday/weekend are 60/65.  For SHARED lessons which is between 2/3/4  kids are 45/ 50 forlessons weekday/weekend. If you are enrolling 2 kids even from different families—- (your child and say their very good family friend with a kid your child’s age) they get the “brother sister discount which is 5 dollars off every lesson for each person. If you enroll three children, one adult lesson is free for a trial. Solos are not always guaranteed to be available. Trials no matter what day- are 50 dollars paid to on the day of the trial. Trials are sometimes with other kids as well.

FOR shared- that means two or more students  is 45/50 PER student on weekdays/weekend. 

  • ¥ Payment is received for 4 lessons at a time at the very beginning of the month by venmo, apple pay, cash app or zelle. If you are going to be out of town one of the days, you say—- “3 lessons for John Smith month of April —-absent 4/16 lessons for John Smith” and send payment for 3. Snap a photo of payment and send to me in a text message so I can check you off my list

  • Prices for title one kids and single moms are different. Talk to me on the side about that. Snap a photo and send to me. Send payment, snap a photo, and then send me a pic of the photo. When lessons begin for however many lessons until the end of the month. At the beginning of start of lessons or at the beginning of the month. 

After trial— you can choose to yes-do one month of lessons or no- do not. Private pools in dc/bethesda/silverspring at “your home pool” are also doable and hopefully not too far of a drive.

My home backyard pool is available for babies 5 months- 3 years old on 2nd and t street ne.

Coach Jasmine and i can drive to private pools in situations where there are more than 2/3 kids to teach in a row.

Lesson are to be in sets of four usually in consecutive weeks. We understand that there is traveling in the summer a lot so we are more flexible in the summer. Classes say in one month are not do one and two skip a few 3 4 chill some more. As long as you tell me in advance—- we are A O K! Yay!  Sometimes people want to have lessons three times a week for two or three weeks and that’s totally fine as well as long as I have space. Basically what I’m

Saying is when it comes to private pools we can be more flexible.

Tips for when to give classes a break*****

Kids 0-4:

kids that are 0-4 learn at a slower pace with lessons only being once a week—please expect a slower progression. Instilling the love of swimming is sometimes more important than the fact that they can float for 30 seconds with no help! Instilling the love for swimming and learning how to breathe correctly in the water is one of the most important things that are going to last a lifetime that your students are going to learn in my class. 

Kids 6 and up—-

When I feel that your child (that is older than 5—-) has plateaued or hit a slow learning slope in our line graph of learning —— I will let you know. In that case—-we either 1) need to get over this hump with some extra parental help and effort in which case please pay attention to my notes about your kid I sent you—-or 2) you or your child need to take a 1-2 month break of swim lessons and then try again harder for the next session. Some people have year-long lessons and take a complete break for summer. Some kids are opposite and take a year long break during the school year and only take lessons in the summer….. the only thing I can say, is the more you spend time in the water with your kid the better your results are going to be… and by more I mean once in a while or maybe after their practice with me, or maybe going on a hotel vacation that has a pool there, so that five days in a row, they get to be in the water with you, wearing their goggles, practicing their craft, and having fun and building lasting memories! 

Lessons are meant to be super effective and efficient for the older ones…. not babysitting. — Still yes super fun…. but there is a big difference. Lessons are also not meant to go on forever—— aim to do one season of lessons and then take your kid to the pool and practice with them. Monkey see parents love swimming ——> monkey do love swimming too yay!  Also—- the more an adult is involved with their child’s swimming when they are young the goal of instilling the love of swimming can be achieved and shared which is a beautiful thing! When your kid has an aha moment, take a video of it and send it to me. I always love seeing those aha moments videos because I really care.


Lessons for adults are 30 minutes usually but the first one is 45 minutes. Lessons for adults are 55 dollars for the first lesson, and 55 dollars after that. The fee at waterside is 15 dollars so it would bfor the pool and if you are an adult this fee is NoT included. TheLessons for adults are bought in packages of 4 and are meant to do 4 weeks in a row. If you miss, it’s ok but you have the duration of the 6 weeks of lessons to make up your missed lesson. 

If you have not sent me the original information that was requested before this informational text—-send it to me through a casual text along with three time slots you prefer just try your best. Please mention what day and time slots are most preferred for your make-ups! Thank you! We’ll start with our trial lesson and go from there and I can answer your questions during our trial lesson. Happy fish fin hands friends! If you have not received that page—- it looks like this:

Name of student:

Parents names: 


Email addresses: 

Age of student:

School attended:

Top three time slots:

Preferred pool:

Special instructions about your child and experience with swimming:

Goals for swimming:

***Days off from work if any (for make up lessons or earlier lessons): 


Shaady Fakhrai 

Pa. Please only text me- DO NOt EMAIL 

I hardly check email. I look at texts. Thanks 

Sent from my iPhone

PSs if you have kids that have free and reduced lunch or if you are a single parent please let me know and I can adjust the prices for you and please just text me

Sent from my iPhone

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