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#TheBAYSWIM 4.4 miles of mayhem

Updated: Jan 18

Guess what friends?! I just accomplished the 4.4 mile chesapeak bay swim!!! I didn’t really know if I could accomplish this goal of mine to do the Chesapeake Bay Swim that is 4.4 miles…..

in the middle of my training. I had an accident and broke my zygomatic bone in my face so for three weeks right before the race, I couldn’t swim or put goggles on my face…… so I felt pretty unprepared because I didn’t train the way that I really wanted to train …. while I was swimming though I would say to myself. Hey Shu Shu you can do this you got this don’t give up you belong in the water you are a fish. You are a champion fish you got this believe in yourself when you believe you can do anything you move quickly through the water waves will help you (although they didn’t) and I try to keep my perspective, optimistic and positive so that I can trick my brain into knowing that I can accomplish the 4.4 miles, and I won’t get pulled out of the water ….. while I was in coming and driving to the race I was just thinking I wanna do the 4.4 mile one but I probably can’t do it. —- I changed my 4.4 mile to the 1 mile one day before so that I don’t fail… They’re gonna take me out of the water but I guess I might go ahead and try it out….. at the very last minute I hopped on the 4.4 mile bus and I said to myself there’s no going back so you better just get done with it try your best and you can do it —— My mom was sitting next to me and the bus driver said oh you’re doing the 4.4 mile that’s that bus and when you go there you can’t come back so that was the pivotal moment when I realized that I was gonna just go for it ———after four hours of free styling and kicking —- in really choppy water I made it! they pulled 23 people out of the water, but they didn’t pull me because I finished and I finished last, but I sure did finish…. I never give up. This is been on my bucket list for like 20 years and I accomplished it and I am really proud of myself. Bravo Shu Shu go head wit yo bad self

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